McManis & Monsalve Associates

Sports Risk Management

Professional sports, Intercollegiate and state run athletic organizations are increasingly faced with the balance between on the field performance and responsibility and liability regarding the personal conduct and backgrounds of their personnel. This is in addition to the existing challenge of ensuring and improving fan, student and participant’s safety as well as compliance with multiple levels of rules and regulations. This environment demands that the sports industry develop a well-structured and integrated risk analysis and mitigation approach. This approach should include strategies ranging from improving the acquisition and maintenance of player/personnel background information and personal conduct, to the implementation of comprehensive threat, risk and vulnerability assessments to ensure the physical and personnel security of sporting facilities. By implementing this type of approach sports organizations will improve their ability to facilitate the attainment of institutional and competitive goals while meeting the reputational expectations of Owners, Trustees, fans and league officials in the areas that are the pillars of reputation: ethics, safety, innovation, quality , and security.

The McManis & Monsalve Sports Risk Management (SRM) Team is made up of Subject Matter Experts with experience in investigations, regulatory compliance, physical and personnel security, business management and both professional and intercollegiate sports. The SRM Team assists sporting organizations in implementing a comprehensive risk management approach by utilizing an unbiased, transparent, and comprehensive Threat, risk and vulnerability assessment process. This process may include conducting individual and/or team criminal history queries, liaising with law enforcement contacts, conducting extensive background investigations, and conducting comprehensive physical security assessments The team may also employ a confidential investigative response on behalf of the organization, in relation to matters involving player personnel and team staff. The SRM Team response will work in conjunction with internal and external organizational partners, both at the domestic and international levels.

Our subject matter experts don’t just expose risks. Utilizing our proprietary Intelligence Led Management (ILM™) process they will work with the organization to develop mitigation strategies and facilitate a strategic response related to the identified risks. The result of this process provides leadership with an operational direction and a communications platform to advise organizational stakeholders and others who need to understand, monitor and control the many risks that can tarnish brands, distract management and harm an organizations reputation.