McManis & Monsalve Associates

Risk Management & Investigative Solutions (RMIS)

MMA can help manage the numerous risks and issues specific to your organizational needs through investigative procedures and intelligence analysis. Through a systematic and comprehensive approach, we identify and analyze risk to provide actionable intelligence and practical solutions for achieving your risk management objectives.

Our proprietary approach, Intelligence Led Management™ is based on the same customized intelligence collection and analysis tools and techniques used by national security and law enforcement intelligence agencies. ILM™ is a framework for providing decision support in complex environments.

The MMA investigative approach is independent and unbiased utilizing the principles of major case management. Our investigations are conducted by recognized subject matter experts with experience at local, regional, national and international levels. Our global reach provides the ability to reduce uncertainty and support executive decision making.


Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Background Investigations
* Open Source Research & Social Media
* Reference Checks
* Interviews
* Policy and Procedural Compliance
* Criminal Records Checks

Financial Investigations
* Asset Tracing
* Misuse of Funds
* Theft/Larceny
* Fraud

Investigations & Support
* Employee Misconduct
* Player Misconduct
* Student Misconduct
* Workplace Violence and Harassment
* Crisis Communication

* Personal Security
* Social Media
* Drug and Alcohol Awareness
* Active Shooter Exercises
* Table Top Exercises

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To get a better feel for how and why we do what we do, check out the following brief Q&A with our CEO, Marco Monsalve

Q: What is your view of Risk Analysis & Mitigation?

A: The way we view risk at McManis & Monsalve Associates starts with our perspective: We utilize our proprietary approach, Intelligence Led Management™, which is comprised of intelligence analysis tools and techniques along with decades of management consulting expertise to thoroughly review the system in question and develop actionable intelligence, i.e., the right information at the right time in the right hands in order to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions to their full portfolio of risks. Our capacity to identify the array of existing and emerging risks associated with specific organizational needs, along with our ability to introduce interventions, has resulted in improved practices and outcomes, as well as tangible cost savings. In partnership with our customers, we also share risk with them.  We are there to help implement, not just write reports. This helps to keep everyone focused on improving performance.

Q: Why is Risk Analysis and Mitigation important/relevant?

A: For organizations to excel, they must assume some level of risk. But success depends on taking risk wisely. Performance enhancement requires that organizations take off the blinders and squarely address their full spectrum of risks.  This is true whether you are sending an executive on foreign travel, offering a customer a loan , opening an office in a different geographical location, evaluating the security of your property, or gauging the impact of a new process on your organization. Risk analysis and mitigation helps organizations understand the risk and overall risk exposure inherent in any of these situations and assists in the development of appropriate approaches to mitigate those risks.

Q: What do you find most interesting about Risk Analysis and Mitigation?

A: Working together and serving as an extension of our clients' teams, focused on enhancing service, improving operations and reducing risks. It is fun to be deeply involved in our clients business, in step with their needs, and complementary to their framework and culture.  It is very gratifying when we can pinpoint where the organizations environment  is heading, uncover emerging risks, and then apply this foresight to address issues before they become problems or escalate into crises.