McManis & Monsalve Associates

Healthcare Business Solutions

Our Healthcare Business Solutions practice works with leaders and managers to address the ongoing challenges associated with the healthcare industry.

Our range of Healthcare Business Solutions includes:

  • Healthcare Business Practice Evaluations
  • Charge Master Analysis
  • Operational Audits and Reviews
  • Provider and Nursing Education
  • Medical Coding and Documentation Training
  • Process Improvement
  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement

Click here to read a few examples of Healthcare Business Solutions in action.


To get a better feel for why we do what we do, check out the following brief Q&A with our Healthcare Business Solutions practice director, Nancy Bratulich.

Q: What is Healthcare Business Solutions?

A: Healthcare Business Solutions is a specialized healthcare service area within the management consulting arena. We provide hospitals and clinics innovative, proven solutions to help improve business performance.

Q: Why is Healthcare Business Solutions important/relevant?

A: Our goal is to ensure that our clients are streamlining their processes, managing risk and complying with strict payer regulations in order to improve healthcare quality and financial performance.

Q: What do you find most interesting about Healthcare Business Solutions?

A: The diversity of clients we provide services to, both in the government sector and private sector, and the challenges our team of healthcare consultants face in trying to keep our clients abreast of the complex changes that impact the healthcare industry.