McManis & Monsalve Associates

Our Clientele

Government clients

We have more than 30 years of experience working with federal and local government agencies in areas including:

  • Developing the policies, procedures and metrics for operating and evaluating a program
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating security and emergency plans
  • Implementing human capital evaluation and improvement processes
  • Developing audit processes and analysis metrics to assess program performance
  • Providing facilitation services to enable agencies to remain within the parameters of their stated mission and to develop change management strategies and plans
  • Creating long-term quality control plans
  • Providing a comprehensive plan, instructional design, training, and facilitation to improve customer service

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Private sector clients

We work with companies to enhance their long-term competitive advantage by building capabilities and successfully managing growth in their business. We help clients lead change, create new organizational models, increase the effectiveness of their operations and integrate security and IT solutions to ensure the flexibility of their business needs.

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Non-profit clients

We value the contributions of our non-profit clients and work with them to solidify their mission and identity; determine the optimum target niche for services; evaluate current services and align them with needs of the community; and develop strategic goals and action plans for continuing service.

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